Bruce Ballard

"In my occupation as an irrigation contractor, I have had the pleasure of working together with Daniel Shannon on two occasions.

Daniel assisted me in the installation of a drip irrigation system for a residential landscape. his part of the installation entailed the laying out and joining of the integrated drip tube using low density fittings. following the installation, Daniel was required to monitor the performance of the system and program the irrigation controller accordingly.

More recently, whilst working together on a large landscape, Daniel assisted me in installation of a pop up sprinkler system. on this occasion he was involved in  the lay out and joining of low density polythene and upvc pipelines, the programming of a commercial irrigation controller and adjustment of pop up spray and drive rotor sprinklers.

Daniel has demonstrated to me a high degree of professionalism in his performance of his work. he undertakes his work with care and a great deal of enthusiasm.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel to any prospective clients or employers"

Yours sincerely
Bruce Ballard